Example Research Post

You will be required to complete one research blog post per week related to our theme Drawing Into Space. Feel free to do additional research on the artists listed on the Links page, but I encourage you to find other artists who inspire you.

The following is an example artist research blog post. Approximately 200 words (150-500 words are acceptable), and including images with captions and links to sources. Be sure not to plagiarize… summarize your research in your own words, and use quotes when appropriate (but include source links as citations).


In 2011 former Austin resident Eric Zimmerman exhibited a new body of work at the The Old Jail Art Center in Albany, TX called Sixteen Tons. This body of work explores histories and symbols of the American West and reflects on his interest in representing both fact and myth. Eric Zimmerman, originally born in Columbus, OH, lived in Austin during and after attaining his MFA at the University of Texas, Austin. In 2009 he moved to New York where he lives and works on his detailed drawings and text pieces. One such text publication, created for the Sixteen Tons exhibition, is an eight page, black and white newspaper, printed in an edition of 300, titled How The West Was Won. In this printed newspaper he explores the idea of the American West as a potential place for utopia through the juxtaposition of historical texts, images, his own photographs, research, and diagrams. Zimmerman states on his website that “The paper uses the myth of the American West as a jumping off point and seeks to blur the lines between truth and myth, source material, artwork, and gallery guide.”

Here are some other examples of Zimmerman’s work.Zimmerman_Atlas_for-web.jpgEric Zimmerman, Atlas #12 Monument to the Third International (Tatlin’s Dream), Graphite on paper, 2008.

Eric Zimmerman-bonneville_L.jpg

Eric Zimmerman, The Velocity Of The End (From Here To There), 50 x 60in. Graphite on Paper. 2010.


Eric ZimmermanThere I Was (Nothing Is The Rule, Something The Exception) Production Still of Clint Eastwood as The Outlaw Josey Wales. |There I Was | Pieter Brueghel, Tower Of Babel, 1593. Albert Bierstadt, Yosemite, 1868| Starscape (Dispersion)2010.

About hollis_hammonds

Hollis is an artist, associate professor of art and chair of the department of Visual Studies at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX.

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