Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly is a multimedia artist with a concentration in 3D art. His preferred media of choice is glass, he was introduced to this media at the University of Washington while taking interior design. After graduating he started taking classes to learn how to create with glass. He has created a number of well known […]

Tim Shumate

Tim Shumate is an illustrator and tattoo designer that lives in Chicago. He takes old disney characters, pixar characters or historical figures and changes them up with his own personal style. He typically draws his characters inside frames and has the breaking the planes in certain areas to create depth. He uses a mixture of […]

Yusuke Asai’s Mud Paintings

Yusuke Asai is an artist that primarily uses mud to create his massive murals. The thing about Asai is that he specifically uses the dirt and water from the area that he is painting at, in a process he calls “earth painting”. Using material from the earth, Asai considers his art to be “alive” like […]

The Fantastical Landscapes of Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is a Canadian illustrator who is mostly known for his drawings and paintings. In them, he depicts massive, colorful landscapes that convey an amazing sense of depth and scale. He has produced artwork for various venues, including concept art for videogames, illustrations for books, and art for many different tabletop trading card games (most […]

Amelie Chabannes

Amelie Chabannes was born in France and studied Architecture and Fine Arts at a French Art school called ENSAD.”I first aspired to associate the exploration of the self with archeological procedures.  My recent installations have stood as excavation sites and their sculptural objects were submitted to raw and meticulous recovery in which debris and artifacts […]

Jenny Saville: Plan

Jenny Saville is a talented painter born in Cambridge, England 1970. She likes to focus on the human form and all of its flaws. Her pieces glorify the body in its strangeness and variety. Her painting titled, “Plan” is a great example of her style of subject matter. She touched on the idea of liposuction […]

“As If It Were Already Here” by Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman is a multimedia artist whose focus and experimentation on the other side of the globe led to some fascinating mastery of installation art. Specifically, it is her colorful nets that hang between buildings and/or in public spaces that capture attention and wonder. In addition to this notoriety, Echelman has been the recipient of […]

Takehiko Inoue

Takehiko Inoue is the writer, artist, and creator of the international hits Slam Dunk, Vagabond, and Real. He has won multiple awards for his achievements as an “mangaka”. He has mostly dedicated his subject matter around basketball, which is one of his passions. Being so his first hit, and one of the most popular japanese […]

Chan Hwee Chong

Chan Hwee Chong creates spiral illustrations of famous paintings. Using a single line and the push-pull technique to create different layers of shadows and depth. What began as a commission by Faber and Castell to show the precision of their artist pens gave Chan Hwee Chong fame. Hwee Chong is a man from Singapore who […]

Vincent van Gogh in Saint-Remy and Auvers

I came into possession of a book which depicts and describes the works done by Van Gogh after he left Arles and went to stay at a facility in Saint-Remy to be cared for. Most of his works from that time are heavily influenced by the spaces he observed from his room or the grounds […]