Ashley Wood and the breath of drawing

Drawing has many forms being it a tight  realistic drawing , or a simple doodle, all drawings are different and reflect a lot of what we are as both artists and as people. The balance of roughness and neatness is what differentiates each artist and their style,questions such as ” How much should I take from a reference?”,”How expressive should I be?” and ” how much neatness should I put on a drawing to make  it acceptable, and where should I apply it?” are what spawn the differences between personal styles, and differentiate how each artist both approach and expect from their work.This leads me to what really inspires me in Ashley Woods drawings being their roughness and stylistic choices. His choices with the exploration of space interest me,almost as much as his  choices in style ,given that he worked with comics most of his career , find his usage and rendering of space in his paintings to be the most interesting and relevant aspect of his style,at least for the purposes of this blog entry. What is interesting about his usage of space is how abstract yet thematically specific it is.His usage of color to convey space is fantastic, and the many shades used and the interaction of each color makes the feel of each space both unique and unquestionably Ashley s own in style and feel.


All examples taken from his blog at

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