Karina Smigla-Bobinski is an artist working primarily in Germany although she has been in shows and festivals in dozens of countries on five different continents. She works in many different media ranging from digital to sculpture and enjoys creating large kinetic and interactive installations. Her piece ADA was orginally finished in 2010 without a particular client in mind, but many different curators soon came to her wanting to show the piece in their galleries. ADA is treated more as a being than a machine, as her movements are too erratic to be controlled despite the efforts of the visitors who are allowed and encouraged to touch and push her around the room. She is a large, helium-filled sphere with charcoal sticks placed on her evenly so that as she moves the white walls, ceiling, and even floor of the room slowly become covered with her dots and lines. Her appearance is much like that of a white blood cell, further adding to the illusion of life. Smigla-Bobinski enjoys these participatory pieces as many artworks are limited to only looking but she feels that interaction allows for a further connection to the piece. By visitors using their body, they are even able to become a part of the piece themselves. This relates to Drawing Into Space because it is a piece that is able to draw around the room within the space that is provided, drawing in every place it can reach and surrounding the visitors.


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