Minty Sainsbury Silhouettes and Architecture

Minty Sainsbury studied architecture at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Graduating top of her class in 2013, Sainsbury moved to London to continue in architecture practices. Her main concern was to bring attention to the detail and craftsmanship to architectures through simplistic compositions contrasting with extremely detailed drawings of buildings. Most of Sainsbury’s drawing consist of single buildings, drawing in pencil. Some of her works are architectures that seem to “float” or sit in a blank space, while others include silhouettes of other buildings in front of or surrounding a single detailed building. By including silhouettes in her pieces, Sainsbury creates this kind of scene as if the viewer is focusing on little peeks of a building hiding behind other buildings. As of right now, it doesn’t seem that Sainsbury has had any exhibitions or been featured in galleries, but rather keeps herself known on social media and doing commissions or selling works done in her portfolio. She has however, been featured in an article on My Modern Met, where links to her blog, facebook, and instagram can also be found.

Minty Sainsbury, Milan Cathedral (9x9cm) Graphite on paper

Minty Sainsbury, St Pauls Cathedral, (56×76 cm) Graphite on paper


Minty Sainsbury, View of San Salute in Venice (100×65 cm) Graphite on paper

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