Paul Cadmus

Paul Cadmus was an American born artist known for his highly erotic and photo realistic depictions of men. Cadmus was first recognized because of his painting “The Fleet’s In!”- a controversial depiction of the American Navy. The painting was filled with highly sexualized depictions of sailors and women and homosexual undertones. The scandal generated a great amount of publicity for Cadmus. He continued to create paintings without the fear of offending the public. His 1935 painting, “Coney Island” was included in a show at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and generated the same amount of buzz. The Coney Island residents threatened to sue if it was not removed.

His later work includes intensely detailed sketches of lounging men. The use of crosshatching allows the figures to leap off of the page, and his incredible knowledge and accuracy of the human anatomy leaves the viewer to almost believe the drawing is alive. Here are some examples:

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