Julian Beever – Chalk Art

Julian Beever is an English artist who is most famous for his chalk art on pavement. He worked many odd jobs such as tree-planting and carpet fitting and even a street performer but also as an Art and English teacher for a while before his art became well-known and popular. His earlier works were mostly celebrity portraits he would draw in the streets so that passer-by would recognize and take interest in him. Soon enough, his love of chalk drove him to create scenes in blank portions of pavement and to make them stand out. The drawings are two-dimensional but when viewed from a single particular angle appear to be just as fully formed as everything else around them. While Beever’s works is not suited for gallery or museum spaces, he is often called upon by different corporations and has worked in twenty-eight different countries. Beever does not consider his work a type of graffiti as it is done openly and in a non-permanent media though he has been escorted to police stations on a couple occasions. He does enjoy the impermanence of the chalk, though, the benefits of its speed and flexibility outweighing how easily it can be destroyed. He considers the photographs of the chalk drawings to be the piece itself because they will last much longer and allow it to be seen by millions more people.



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