David Spriggs’s 3D Paintings

David Spriggs is an installation artist that uses layers and paint to create his immersive works of art. He is inspired by the notion that painting can bring out certain qualities that sculpture cannot and vice versa, to which Spriggs combined the two concentrations to be able to create what he envisioned. As Sprigg states “Almost all art throughout history has been an engagement with space. It is the same exploration of space that lead to my own process. Sculpture is inherently about space and form, while in painting there has been various developments regarding the representation and understanding of space; the invention of linear perspective being of major importance.” Using hundreds and hundreds of layers of acrylic paint on thin sheets of film, he manages to create large 3D painting of abstract forms that resemble storms and contained explosions. His works span into large scale wall sized installations. One of the most interesting things I find about Spriggs work is the illusion of a 3D scupture while actually being in a 2D form.


05. Spriggs 2009 AXIS OF POWER14. Spriggs 2010 VISION




Source: http://www.visualnews.com/2013/09/25/immersive-3d-paintings-layers-transparent-film-interview-artist-david-spriggs/

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