Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman was born in the USA in 1974.  Ever since graduating from Cornell University in 1996 with her BFA, Pearlman has taken the art world by storm; with publishings in numerous contemporary art books, residencies, galleries, and commissions.  Some of Pearlman’s most successful works of art were a part of her recent show of installations in the Foley Gallery on the East Side of New York.  These installations were a part of her “Slash Paper Under the Knife” show, and were open to the public from, November 19, 2014 – January11, 2015.  Pearlman creates giant paper installations on the walls which play with space and natural light.  The New Yorker states that Pearlman’s pieces were,“The best pieces, notably Mia Pearlman’s crashing waves of cut and painted paper in the windows, dig into the connection between creation and destruction.”   An example of some of her work is, INRUSH, the goal of this piece (since it sat on the corner of the gallery) was to make it seem like there was no distinction of interior and exterior space by playing with natural light.  The unique quality and factor of Mia Pearlman’s work is the fact that everything is completely hand cut.  Her installations create a whole new space, and draw the viewers away from their current situation and into a whole new world.INRUSH_center_det250








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