Timothy H. Lee, Neuroscientist and Installation Artist

Timothy H. Lee is a former neuroscientist and uses his education to fuel his art. His installations play with the notions of problems with personal identity, social stigmas, and disorder. In Lee’s work he explores his own problems with personal disorders that he deals with on a daily basis. Lee uses large sheets of paper with painted faces of distressed individuals using watercolor and gouache. After which he carves intricate patterns into the paper that appear to be similar to the shapes of cells. the watercolor allows him to be loose with his work while the intricate cuts give him control over his work. After the painting and carving is done, he then bends the paper into twisted abstract forms that resemble waves of shapes and tortured individuals.  It’s interesting how he manages to twist a 2D painting into a 3D sculpture without losing the rawness from the original form.




Sources: http://hifructose.com/2013/10/07/timothy-h-lee-examines-psychological-disorders-in-new-installation/

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