Chan Hwee Chong


blog2Chan Hwee Chong creates spiral illustrations of famous paintings. Using a single line and the push-pull technique to create different layers of shadows and depth. What began as a commission by Faber and Castell to show the precision of their artist pens gave Chan Hwee Chong fame. Hwee Chong is a man from Singapore who is currently living Germany as an art director at a German design studio ‘Kolle Robbe’ in Hamburg. He focuses on exploring typography and art installations in a public space that provoke our senses. Recently Hwee Chong created in collaboration with other artists the Lightstix Graffiti.


The Lightstix Graffiti is an inventive way to create a drawing in a public space that glows and catches the attention of passerby’s, like a beacon. The graffiti fixes glow-sticks onto a surface and then arranges them in such a way to create an image, or a drawing. Resulting in a glowing, beacon in an otherwise dark landscape.


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