Mathew Borett



Born in 1972 in rural Ontario, this versatile artist began to grow his creativity along with his allergy to hay. As a boy he dabbled between making elaborate hay forts in his family’s barn and drawing and using the computer graphics of the time.

Today he plays with computer graphics and installation instead of hay and produces beautiful abstracted architecture. He is an up and coming artist, just recently hitting 10,000 followers on instagram.

His drawings have an illustrative expressive quality mixed with an MC Escher approach.


His current series is called:

Play Time with Hypernurnia

“At work I used to take quick modeling breaks and crank out a little building or some random structure. Usually I’d email it to myself and then dive back into work and often forget all about it. So I spent some time rounding up those old models, and came across a whole set of trees I also forgotten about. I like how they lend a different sense of scale than is found in most of images.”



He turns these into reference for his series of 96″ x 42″ images, printed on archival paper and mounted on dibond. They express almost a post apocalyptic feel.


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