Jenny Saville: Plan

Jenny Saville is a talented painter born in Cambridge, England 1970. She likes to focus on the human form and all of its flaws. Her pieces glorify the body in its strangeness and variety. Her painting titled, “Plan” is a great example of her style of subject matter. She touched on the idea of liposuction and the reasons behind it. She enjoyed seeing the marks (like surgery marks) as a map. The lines draw over the topography of the skin giving it geography in a sense. The head of the figure is also hers. She inserted herself to be involved in this idea of self-examination; she is part of the work. “Plan” is a very intimate painting taking the idea of female beauty standards and standing them on their head. The idea of abundance and a mature physique is not recognized in mainstream media. She depicts large women sensually and in power of themselves.

I enjoy the social critique of the majority of her work. There is a long and introspective thought process when you see her work. Something you have been told is sinful and gluttonous is now natural and desirable.

21-Jenny Saville, Plan

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