Amelie Chabannes


Amelie Chabannes was born in France and studied Architecture and Fine Arts at a French Art school called ENSAD.”I first aspired to associate the exploration of the self with archeological procedures.  My recent installations have stood as excavation sites and their sculptural objects were submitted to raw and meticulous recovery in which debris and artifacts are observed as remains of our individuality.” Chabannes soon began to explore identity through excavation which then transitioned to exploring the close relationships of others. The images in her series that visually represent relationships seek to blur those borders between two individuals.

blog 3b

Chabannes technique involves a drawing which is then layered with 20 to 30 of the same drawing on tracing paper. The drawings are flipped and transferred on a wooden surface where then the artist carves into the surface to destroy the areas where the two figures connect to continue to blur the borders between them. The work explores the limitless sense of identity and the destruction of such is an act of defiance. The original image is a single contour drawing that is then layered and overlapped. The original contour outlines shadows and highlights, in a movement similar to continuous line.

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