The Fantastical Landscapes of Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander is a Canadian illustrator who is mostly known for his drawings and paintings. In them, he depicts massive, colorful landscapes that convey an amazing sense of depth and scale. He has produced artwork for various venues, including concept art for videogames, illustrations for books, and art for many different tabletop trading card games (most notably, Magic). While most of his works are incredibly fantasy based in nature and subject, Alexander says he is most inspired by working from real life landscapes. Mountains in particular are the biggest influence, particularly the Canadian Rockies, before Alexander moved to the Pacific Northwest. He continues to work as a freelance illustrator to this day. I believe his paintings and drawings relate well when discussing ‘Drawing into space,’ because the work itself showcases the idea of space and distance and perspective so beautifully.

Some examples of Rob Alexander’s work:

Alexander, Honors Vale, Painting.

Alexander, Natural Rhythms, Painting.

Alexander, Underground Sea, Painting, 1993.

Alexander, Last Light of Day, Painting, 2000.

Alexander, At the Bottom of the World, Painting.

Alexander, Atlantis, Painting.

Official Website:

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