Yusuke Asai’s Mud Paintings

Yusuke Asai is an artist that primarily uses mud to create his massive murals. The thing about Asai is that he specifically uses the dirt and water from the area that he is painting at, in a process he calls “earth painting”. Using material from the earth, Asai considers his art to be “alive” like a giant organism with all its inter-working cells colliding. His paintings consists of multi layered intricate paintings of creatures and characters surrounded by patterns and motifs resembling that of Gustav Klimt. With this Asai creates an imaginative whimsical world of intertwining oddities. From the bottom of the floor, to the ceiling, and everything in between, his painting span the size of entire room as well as on the floor. As mud as his only medium, it’s almost as if he is creating modern day cave painting, making the connection of using a natural pigment and the subject matter of animals. 24184646416_91753e77ed_b23842895219_50f5a9273d_b

Source: http://hifructose.com/2016/01/06/yusuke-asai-uses-mud-to-create-his-large-scale-earth-paintings/

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