The McColl Center

The opening: The opening for the McColl center was very exciting. I loved Hollis’s work, and there were many other cool artists there. One of them used a computer software to make random carvings on his paintings, which I found to be a stunning product. Looking at these works gave me an instant feeling of […]

The Dream Team

This week my proposal for an installation was chosen and we have jumped right in! The concept behind the piece is to project our dreams (which will be laser cut out of wood) as shadows on the wall. Essentially we are making a 18×18 wooden cube, each 6 sides will have one of our dreams […]

Week 1 Project Progress

Being a part of Brittany’s cube group, we all began the week by attending a training course for using the laser cutter. After the planning phase, I began sketching out my ideas for my panel. As the concept behind the piece is dreams, I drew up several sketches pertaining to the absurd and often disturbing […]

Jennifer Purdum

Jennifer Purdum received her BFA from University of Cincinnati and later pursued her MFA at American  University, Washington DC and Corciano Italy. Purdum is well known internationally and nationally for her print making. She has participated in many exhibitions internationally and nationally, including, “Printmaking Today” at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Zig Zag Light Night, Gallery Svartaloft, Reykjanesbae, Iceland, AGallery […]

Fiber and Mylar

As part of Morgan’s and Heather’s group, I am working with a figure in a personal area and incorporating yarn into the piece to extend it into space. I have been practicing my crochet as well as learning embroidery as a way to add the yarn to the piece. We had to wait for the […]

Progress Week 1- Mylar and Yarn

The first work day consisted of practicing sewing yarn into the Mylar, which turned out successful. On Wednesday, we cut the large Mylar and found huge drawing boards to draw on.  Over the weekend, I went into the studio to start the drawing of the figure and cat. The plan for week 2 is to […]

Cardboard Fort

For this project I was more focused on constructing a 3D piece that could allow for interaction. I also wanted use the different textures within the cardboard to create variety in the sculpture. Accenting the folds, ripping off the layers to show the ridging in the center.

String Project

Our project included using materials that activated the space in which it was installed. By using a mixture of materials the result is a variety of active and static lines. The space was chosen because the gate when gusts of wind comes along send the pink lines aflutter. They become active and dancing, reminiscent of […]

Claire Trotignon

Claire Trotignon creates works that collages fragments of engravings and old postcards. The result is meticulous and intriguing landscapes that are neither drawings or sculptures. Her drawings articulate neither architecture or a narration, rather they create a new time and space. The detailing of the work is impressive as they imagery is hand cut from […]

Wire Installation Update

For the wire installation, each one of us gathered various portraits of art student, which later became open to people outside of the art department as well. Next we began to draw out portraits we found to be interesting. these drawings will eventually become the basis of the wire sculpture.