Alessandro Diddi

Alessandro Diddi is an artist who works mainly in the simple graphite and paper media. While he certainly has the skill and practice to use more complicated media, he prefers to use the sketchy quality of graphite to prevent his works from looking completely photorealistic. This way, his works look more like the work is in the process of coming to life. He relies more on his use of shading and angles to trick the viewers into believing in a new dimension that isn’t there, which is Diddi’s purpose in his art. He is less interested in sending a message and more into creating a new dimension with his art. Often he even uses his own hands in the photographs of his works to further enhance the illusion. The works are not meant to be viewed from more angles that the one in the photographs he takes for his blogs which helps his goal of viewers being pleasantly surprised but not understanding of how he has created his dimensions.


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