Blu- Street Artist

Blu is an Italian street artist, who currently lives in Bologna, Italy. He is best known for his large scale murals usually in urban and industrial areas. These massive artworks are often in response to political and socialistic controversies. One of his most famous works is culminated in the silent film, “Muto”. It took months to film, and was completed throughout the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This film has garnered much attention, resulting in millions of views online, and several awards.

The beauty of his work is the ability to transform a common space into something that tells a story. It forces people to stop and look at something, that otherwise would have been less than ordinary and boring. The sheer scale of his murals is enough to make viewers stop and stare. When he chooses to begin a mural, he completely changes the space around it.

Blu 1Blu 2Blu 3Blu 4!blu/c91a

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