Mia Pearlman

Pearlman got her BFA from Cornell University in 1996. Most of her works are non-representation and freeform. The drawing was done with India ink on roll paper. She cut out the negative shapes between lines which guiding to the next cut. Her work process is very spontaneous. Because she doesn’t want to end up recreate the work like the way the might end end in her studio, the installation is mostly done in the gallery space intuitively. If the work needs to be transported, she would roll them with the drop cloth and fit them in a tube to check with her baggage. She hasn’t had any sketches of how the installations should turn out. However, she would measure the dimension of the space and work from there instead. The works are in a quite large scale in order to represent the idea of bigger forces or powers, including her inspiration from nature, in the universe.


These are some examples of Pearlman’s works


Mia Pearlman, EDDY, 2008 11′ x 12.5′ x 14′ Sears Peyton Gallery, NY




Mia Pearlman, Printepms window, 2015



Mia Pearlman, TORNADO, Paper, india ink, tacks
52″ W x 84″ H x 54″ D, 2007

Official website


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