Hew Locke’s “The Nameless”

Hew Locke is a London-based, multimedia artist known for his wall-covering installations made from objects such as beads, cord, and tape. He received a B.A. in Fine Art in Falmouth and an M.A. in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London, and has won both a Paul Hamlyn and an East International Award.

The Nameless detail

The Nameless
2010, dimensions variable
Cord, plastic beads, glue gun, gaffer tape

According to Locke, the conception of The Nameless was executed in a way that was “out of necessity”. He couldn’t afford to ship over a large installation to an installation in Atlanta, so, instead, he approached the problem as having to fill up the walls. He made drawings that were then enlarged and applied to the walls, and then outlined them with cord and Halloween necklaces (that reflected his current budget. Though he states that the drawings themselves aren’t approached at a particular political angle, he did wish to reflect both of his English and Guyanese identities, and how the imagery of the two don’t necessarily “fit” together, yet persist to coexist as a mish-mash of cultures.




http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/video/tateshots-meet-artist-hew-locke 7 January 2010

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