Matthew DiVito’s Moving Art

Matthew DiVito is a motion graphics artist from Somerville, Massachusetts. While having a very diverse range of skills (from game design, to music video collaborations), DiVito is most well known for his motion-based GIFs. For those who don’t know, a GIF is a series of images played in rapid succession and looped to create short animations. In fact, the vast majority of DiVito’s work consists of GIFs. However, what makes his GIFs unique – and most relevant to this blog – are how he utilizes movements and abstract forms to interact with and transform space. Using the programs After Effects and Cinema 4D, DiVito crafts three-dimensional objects that, while in motion, completely alter the viewers perception of space.

While wanting to specifically focus on DiVito’s GIFs for this blog post, I think the possibilities of GIFs projected into a space can bring a whole new aspect of this idea of drawing and interacting with space.

Here are some examples of DiVito’s GIFs:












DiVito, ribbon, video art, 2012












DiVito, rough_seas, video art, 2012












DiVito, globulus, video art, 2013


DiVito, cubic_tunnel, video art, 2015


DiVito, vertigo, video art, 2014

Official website:

Tumblr Blog:

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