Alphonse Mucha and mood

Alphonse Mucha is an extremely influential artist and very well known for his unique style. His work focuses on a stained glass style, often depicting a figure in the forefront, and focusing on a single set of colors for each piece.

I want to talk about his usage of color and lines towards a specific mood, without the aid of scenery.Pieces such as “Four Seasons” or “The Slav Epic” have such depth in their composition and usage of light and colors, that even without much context these images carry a Hand a mood that seem to be unique to them.His usage of space,composition and color are all major aspect of the mood created by his pieces, and the stories they carry,being that he is one of my major influences,I hope to use one of these aspects from his work for this project.

Poetry - Alphonse Maria Mucha -

Night's Rest. From The Times of the Day Series. 1899 - Alphonse Maria Mucha -

Hamlet - Alphonse Maria Mucha -

Four Seasons - Alphonse Maria Mucha -

The Slav Epic, 1928 - Alphonse Maria Mucha -


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