Dan & Jenny’s Wall Installation

This installation was created by each one of us reacting to the others previous move. First we started of with a grid using the alignment of the brick and stings, after which we started take turns placing an object onto the wall. when it was one of our turns, we used the placement of the object as a reaction the the previous. Our installation was more about the process of creating rather than an actual concrete concept for an idea. This is actually our third attempt at building this installing due to building restrictions and regulations of the Rowe building. The second attempt was still based off of lack of concept, which was scrapped more of from a lack of communication and reaction. The color scheme coincidentally similar to Lunar New Year and was just in time for it. After adding on the main structures of this installation, we decided to add other elements such as ribbons, and a small crane for accents. Most of the extra ribbons was draped or tied to make certain cardboard structures pop more, but also complimented the brick background.


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