McColl Visit

The visit to the McColl center’s event was rather enjoyable, especially since a decent number of my classmates also attended. The downstairs reception gallery had a varying mixture of 2D and 3D works on display however I was more drawn to the works that were spread out near the artist’s studios. One of the artists, whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten, had done a series of laser cut images in glass that depicted planet-like shapes. The artist used the repetition of the images to create a greater image yet allowed each individual image to stand out for its own unique traits. The images, while being seemingly related yet also unique, held me as a viewer longer because I wanted to explore each one and related it to others near it. Also I thought that Hollis’ work took full advantage of the wall space in a few of her pieces and stood out among others. The ink drawings on vinyl were my favorites because your understanding of the drawing changed as you got closer and you saw the texture was not paper and the line work was not all the same type of medium.  I think Hollis’ work also resonated well at the McColl center since it too had experienced a fire early in its history and moments of disaster like that are reflected in her work.

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