Lindsey Way HUSH


Way, Lindsey. Goodbye Band. Cut paper diorama. 2010. “HUSH”.

Lindsey Way is an artist from Dunoon, Scotland and studied fine art and illustration at Pratt Institute. Although she is more known as a bassist in the band Mindless Self Indulgence, she is also a fine artist in the mediums of paint and paper.

In 2010, Way held an exhibition for her body of work called HUSH at the DARK DARK Science Gallery in Los Angeles. HUSH consists of thirteen cut paper dioramas. Her work reflects the concept of world art culture and the human condition, influenced by her experiences when touring the world with her band. This work, as featured below, has a sense of celebration in despair and life in death.


Way, Lindsey. Tears Explode Like Bombs. Cut paper diorama. 2010.“HUSH”

Way relates to the theme of ‘Drawing into Space’ because she is drawing by using cut paper and displaying it into the 3D space as a diorama. Instead of drawing these artwork in 2D, she is creating space for these little worlds where these characters and celebrations exists.


Way, Lindsey. Hush 2. Cut paper diorama. 2010. “HUSH”


Way, Lindsey. Blaze The Butterflies. Cut paper diorama. 2010. “HUSH”


Way, Lindsey. Miss Me A Little But Not For Long. Cut paper diorama. 2010. “HUSH”

To view all 13 dioramas:








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