Edgar Mueller- 3D Sidewalk Art

Edgar Mueller is German born artist who specializes in the art of street painting. Growing up, he got inspiration from urban art around him walking to school. Eventually, he earned the coveted title of “master street painter”. He now travels the world transforming streets and holding workshops.

Mueller showcases his talent with these ultra-realistic depictions of landscapes on different streets all around the world. He is able to completely transform a space with the simple swipe of chalk. His expert use of perspective causes the viewer to feel unexplainable and almost laughable fear. Even viewing these artworks on a computer makes my heart skip a beat. Take a look at a few of his sidewalk transformations.Edgar Mueller 1Edgar Mueller 2Edgar Mueller 3Edgar Mueller 5.jpg

However, with a few steps to the left or to the right, the art transforms completely. The beauty and mastery of Mueller is his ability to create these masterpieces from one perspective.

Edgar Mueller 4

Imagine walking down the street and seeing this!


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