Lines and Pyramids (Project 6)


For the 3D drawing constructs, I started with the general idea of shaping the cardboard into small triangular pieces. Then I worked to combine the pieces to create a general pyramid shape. The artwork drew some inspiration from the artist Clemens Behr, whose work was part of the examples for 3D drawing. Behr uses multiples of shapes to construct her installations, which inspired the construction method and overall shape of my work.


The cardboard planes are defined by color, which helps to distinguish each plane from one another. I chose to keep the color scheme simple consisting of black and shades and tints of orange and blue.


For drawing in three dimensions, I chose to use straight, directional, and converging lines on the structure. I think this adds to the piece aesthetically as well as to give more movement to the piece. It helps to distinguish the planes but also to see how they interact next to each other. Overall I like the dimensional quality and aesthetics of the piece.


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