Project 6: Cardboard: Kimberlyn and Spun

By; Kimberlyn Cook and Spun Ngoensritong

For this project we created an earth out of the brown paper, and then wrapped in in tape to create a sphere, which became the earth.  Next we painted it blue and green to represent the different continents.  After painting the globe we wanted to incorporate animals but in a unique way. Originally our idea led us to do a mobile, but we wanted to be more outside of the box, so instead we pasted the animals to the earth and played with line.  Some have lines drawn on them, some are plane cardboard, and our kangaroo has line work done with hot glue on  his body.  Our concept for this project was about extinction and animal awareness.  It is scary to think that the animals we have grown up with and come to know might one day not be on this earth for our children to see.  I think this is a topic that is too overlooked in our society and needs to be on a higher level of concern.






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