String Installation (Project 5)


On February 1, 2016, Nicole and I installed our spatial drawing using the unconventional materials: string and yarn. The project was inspired from the space and environment. The juxtaposition of the brick and cement with the green vines and trees already made it a space of tension and opposites. Our initial intention was to start with weaving string throughout the space and bring attention to it. The process of running the pink string back and forth between the cement walls started to feel like a journey and inspired a concept about life and its ups and downs.



The addition of the white yarn that is attached to the trees and sits above the rest of the lines represents the good, peaceful moments. The drain in the ground and the black yarn that interacts with the pink string, represents the bad turns in life. These moments of color and placement meanings help to enforce the contradictions of the space with the contradictions of life.






This documented picture  was taken at night and the green filter from the camera helped to bring out the red and pink strings.

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