Fu Xiaotong’s Intricate Landscapes

For centuries Chinese artist over time have depicted the cultural landscape in their works showcasing China’s land in a way that does it justice. Artist Fu Xiaotong continues this long tradition in her own unique way. Using a single tony needle and  large pieces of paper, Xiaotong uses the needle as a pen poking holes into the paper in the same manner as pointillism. Poking the paper with the need hundreds and thousands of times to create a monochromatic  version of the tradition of Chinese landscapes. After She had completed a drawing, she then names the artworks based the number of time she has pierced the paper which can go up to 700,000 times. The interesting thing I found about her work is that while the images are flat, when she is finished it almost as though she managed to make the forms in the drawings looks raised.




Works Cited: http://hifructose.com/2016/02/20/fu-xiaotong-draws-chinese-landscapes-with-thousands-of-pinholes/

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