Project 5 Drawing in Space Installation

A piece by Kimberlyn Cook and Spun Ngoensritong

For this project our concept was creating linear perspective in a 3D space.  For the structure we used yarn and tape.  The tape was used to ground the yarn and also add to the design.  We created a cross pattern to incorporate the thick white tape and also to add something less conventional to our piece.  We chose to create the piece in the window because of the different effects it has during different times of the day.  For instance, if it was sunnier outside the yarn looked brighter, but yet was harder to see; whereas, in cloudy days, or night time, the pieces’ colors was not as electric but easier to see  in contrast to the window background.  So not only were we playing with drawing in space, but we were also playing with the actual space itself.  We thought it would be best to utilize the complete space by using the bench and the light fixture.  By doing this, the whole space became engaged with our drawing.  We created the vertical lines on the left side to break up the linear perspective created between the light fixture and bench , and to add more linear elements to the piece.  We thought that by adding multiple colors in the layers it would add to the dynamic effect of our drawing.  We also were cognizant about our color and yarn choice.  Some of the yarns are fluffy; whereas, others are straight and tight.





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