Project 5

A piece by Kimberlyn Cook and Spun Ngoensritong

For this project our challenge was to create something that really interacted with our space.  The question we wanted to answer was: how do we create linear perspective in a 3D space.  One of our other challenges was incorporating the tape we used to connect the piece together.  So we decided to create a design by placing the tape in an interesting, linear design on the floor.  We loved the space we chose due to the window, it was interesting to see how the piece changed according to the time of day, things in the background, and the light.  Since we chose such electric colors, it was clear to see the impacts the different light variations had on our piece.  If we had chosen cooler colors I think the piece would not have been as lively and reacted as well as it did with the warm colors.  We wanted to engage the entire space so we decided to connect our yarn to the light fixture and the bench, this way the entire window was engaged rather than a small corner.  Our original idea was creating  a linear perspective, but once we connected the yarn from the fixture to the bench we realized the piece needed more, so our solution was more linear lines.  My favorite aspect of this piece is the waterfall like yarn on the left side that cascades down yet is pulled tightly.  I think it was a smart decision because it added more of a dynamic element.



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