Project 6

By; Kimberlyn Cook and Spun Ngoensritong

For this piece our concept was focusing on animals and extinction.  It is a scary thought to think that twenty years from now the animals we grew up with and have known and loved may not be on this earth, and so with this piece we wanted to create awareness.  The first thing we did for this project was take the brown paper, ball it up, and then wrap it in tape.  Next we painted the sphere blue and green to represent the earth, and then created animal silhouettes and pasted them on.  We chose cardboard because it is decomposable just like the species of animals.  We wanted to add flare to the silhouettes by adding different forms of lines.  So for instance the kangaroo has line work done with hot glue, and the wolf has horizontal lines across his body.  Originally we were thinking of making a mobile but were afraid it would be too kitschy.  So we felt it was a new interesting way to project our idea.



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