String Installation

By: Morgan Goodrum and Javier Collado

For our installation project, we got our inspiration from the tv show, Dexter. In the show, the main character is a blood splatter analyst who is able to figure out the trajectory of the blood, therefore determining where the victim was hit. We decided that we wanted to create a murder scene where we imagine someone had been stabbed in the Rowe courtyard.

Unfortunately, our less than ideal materials did not lend itself well to out desired concept. The string kept on getting loose under the electrical tape, and the electrical tape did not want to stick to the dirty brick. However, we worked with what we had and attempted to create interesting organic shapes with the tape, while contrasting the bright yellow lines of the yarn. I think if we had more prepared with better materials and more time, the installation could have turned out great, but overall, we weren’t pleased with the end result.


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