Stick Figures

Ari and I constructed these stick figures in the second-floor hallway in Rowe as a group effort for our installation project. We played with the idea of figures occupying space, both of whom became interestingly warped and distorted as the project came to fruition. The subject matter was Ari’s idea, whereas their means of construction was mine.

We used a process referred to as “finger-knitting” (or “finger-weaving”), which was essentially using our hands as a loom. This was easy to learn and efficient, allowing for us to quickly make colorful structures that were just thick enough to be viewed from afar.


There seems to be a theme of having mysterious/imposing figurative sculptures throughout the Rowe building for various classes (such as the hand coming out of the ceiling and my own crocheted dolls, each from last semester for Fibers 1). The figures were intended to be standing, but we’d made them so big that we elected to have them float in the air. I think it makes for a nice effect in that their “imposing” nature may stem from taking up so much space in a narrow hall.



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