String/Linear Installation

This project was interesting in its creation because where we chose to install it would heavily influence the work itself. The location Mollie and I chose ended up being quite dynamic due to the wind the is blown through that section of the sculpture yard. This allowed us to create line work that would not only mimic movement but also move itself whenever the wind blew. We used tape to cover up certain areas so that the translucency of the bars didn’t subtract from the wind elements. With the tape and the ribbon we were able to create linear elements that operated on different axis while being contained within the same piece. The tape was more sporadic in its placement but was still static and did not move, while the ribbon was extremely dynamic in how it moved with the wind but the ribbons were all placed more specifically to create a unified movement across the gate. The experience was interesting since the piece grew and developed into something more the longer we worked on it. Specifically when the weather varied so the reaction to the piece was different at certain times and called for different attachments in various ways. Even when the wind was not blowing the piece still evoked what we hoped it would so it was still successful windy or not.

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