Claire Trotignon


Claire Trotignon creates works that collages fragments of engravings and old postcards. The result is meticulous and intriguing landscapes that are neither drawings or sculptures. Her drawings articulate neither architecture or a narration, rather they create a new time and space. The detailing of the work is impressive as they imagery is hand cut from engravings and carefully arranged into a new landscape. She has crafted a new realm in each image. The use of a white background keeps the images ungrounded as they appear to float in space. As though these are in progress pieces, the landscape is not quite together yet and its intriguing. The whiteness draws you in to look more closely at the pieces within. Although her drawings may not have a narrative quality to them you can sense the story. The placement of the pieces itself creates a kind of story telling.

Claire Trotignon is an artist who lives and works in Paris, France.




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