The installation was a huge success. We were all able to pull the weight and have a finished product. I was honestly surprised by how cohesive the piece looked. The yarns draped beautifully across the wall without looking like a craft project. This was definitely a learning experience for each of us. Because so […]

Dream Cube: Post Exhibition

Despite some last minute obstacles (some lighting issues, cube stability, etc.) we were able to finish the piece and have it project all the drawings onto the wall. Brittney’s last minute addition of the blackout curtains was the perfect finishing touch in creating an atomosphere for our space. In the end, I think the gallery […]


March 17th 2016 at 5pm was the gallery opening for Drawing Into Space collaborative art installations. Before the gallery opening, we had the panel discussion where we discussed the concepts of each group’s piece and the process of collaborating and making art. I found the panel to be a little nerve wracking since public speaking […]

Drawing Into Space Opening

The opening was a success, we had a good turnout. Everyone finished their projects on time and cleaned up for the opening. We did it fam. Dreaming into Space was an interesting project, the use of light as a drawing on the wall was a good concept what was done well by the team with […]


During the day of the exhibition we finally finished the installation. Throughout the process of creating this project we did run into some problems such a time management, communication, and artistic disagreements. However despite the setback, I would have to say that this experience was a good one in that i believe i learned how […]

Drawing installation

With this experimentation Morgan and I collaborated to create a drawing installation using tape and yarn. One could say that this was paramount for our research for the final project we proposed. We were inspired by the blood splatter analysis presented in the detective show Dexter. In the show, string was used to show the […]

Alexis Diaz

I have grown very fond of the work of fellow Puerto Rican  artist/muralist Alexis Diaz. His work is beautifully created with very intricate crosshatching and traditional art making skills. It is unusual for a street artist nowadays to use this kind of skills as a  way to stay on par with the street art scene. […]


Working on this show is certainly an experience I will never forget.  I had never worked collaboratively on a project before, and now that I have I can honestly say, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, but it is extremely challenging.  It is never easy to work with people who […]

Wire Sculpture III, The Final Finale or the Conclusion

It was interesting to follow  the development and help with the molding of this project, and through clashes of ideas and the how stubborn we were, I think it is more than interesting that the main concept behind this piece is struggle Working in the piece was repetitive,tiring and slow, truly not a walk in […]

Wire Sculpture II, The Middle

Today,production has increased considerably, thanks to our collaborative ideas, we were able to create what is basically a wire bending machine.It also helps that we have summoned Dan, who I’m pretty sure has been around, working on other projects, but we appreciate his help regardless.This development gives me a lot of confidence that we’ll have […]