Extension of Personal Spaces

Our project elements wound up being a combination of both mine and Morgan’s; her idea was to work with the figure and use yarn or string as a three-dimensional element to branch off into space, whereas mine was to use messy rooms or personal spaces as a highly-detailed still life on frosted mylar. From this, we developed a method of each of the six of us–Morgan, Ari, Rachel, Rebecca, Mollie, and myself–to include 1) a figure (or implied figure), 2) a bedroom or personal space, 3) ink and grease crayon on a frosted mylar surface, and 4) the use of yarn embroidery in the image that is meant to extend outward somehow.

My work in progress based on the initial thumbnail.

While the concept is a work in progress that we are continuing to develop, we consistently come back to the idea of a personal space/safe haven extending and branching outward into public space, done via a transition from two-dimensional media to three-dimensional. Each of the works is cohesive in our aforementioned “rules”, but remains reflections of the each of us and how we approach creating an artwork.


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