Dream Team Progress

We left off at the last post with a fully cut demo and hopes for a great project ahead! In the past week we have made lots of progress on the box, the lighting and the gallery  Ωinstallation planning.

The Box:

We have all six panels cut at this point. Two may wish to revisit the laser cutter for touch ups or additional detail. upon assembling the cube, we had some difficulties fitting the pieces together but after some sanding everything fits very well! We will not permanently assemble the cube until last minute to allow us flexibility with lighting options.


The gallery:

Currently we are painting a new wall to hang in the gallery! Since our project requires darkness to glow properly, we had to construct a wall to allow enough darkness for the shadow effect to be strong. The wall is made out of two doors joined together with dry wall tape and spackle. we joined the doors with metal fixtures and added more metal fixtures to the top of the door to hang it as an additional wall in the gallery. For the ceiling in the gallery we plan to hang a strong fabric to allow the shadows to be displayed nicely. We are going to put that fabric up tomorrow along with the wall.


We are still playing with lighting, however the larger cube is making the shadows much easier to distinguish. Later today we will work more intensely with the lighting.


All around:

So far we are on track, we are handling small problem as they arise but we will be very ready for the opening!


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