David Spriggs

David Spriggs is an artist who has been showcasing his works with layers since about 2001. He has worked on a variety of media such as glass, acrylic, and transparent film, using acrylic paint or engraving to draw pieces of the final image. By drawing only parts on each sheet, it creates a depth that recedes both visually and physically from the viewer. His use of lighting in each piece can often make them appear to be holograms within the film ‘screens’ that often occupy a very large space. Some works fill an entire room but even the smallest pieces are several dozen cubic feet. Each illusion, though, only works from certain angles. By walking around a piece, the viewer no longer sees a singular image but can distinguish the layers upon which each part of the image lays. Interestingly, Spriggs prefers not to hide the layers of his works, instead letting viewers see all angles of the pieces. This allows them to be seen both as a singular image and as a sculptural form.






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