Week 1 Yarn Progress

The first week, our group decided to focus all of our energy on the yarn portion of our project, since we didn’t have the drafting vellum yet. We allotted each person 3 feet by 5 feet of vellum and took a trip to the gallery to see whose piece could go where.

My main goal for that day was to figure out how to do stitch my yarn into the vellum. I have no prior experience with fibers so it took me several tries to get the hang of it. At the beginning I was having issues with the vellum tearing or crinkling up when I poked the needle through, but after a while I got a little better at it. Heather taught me how to do the running stitch, so that is what I stuck with. Even though the trial piece is not much to look at, I was still proud of myself for hanging in there and forcing myself to learn something new and not give up.


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