Week 3 Wire process

Long days and night of work came through this week. The wire prepping was labor intensive and we came upon a lot of difficulties during the process. One of the first situations that came upon us was keeping proportions right. Once we had the nose develop and continued with the other parts of the face, we realized a few things: 1)That the sculpture was getting too big, and 2)The parts had different proportions whatsoever.

Another situation that came across us was the fact that the wire twisting was very time consuming and we needed to figure out a way to make it faster. Thanks to the collective awesome minds of Gio and Dan, we came upon some great engineering to make that process faster. It was like watching sorcery. It was beautiful.

The face started coming together but we started facing another challenge. And that was that we were building from the floor up when the actual piece is intended to be hanging. As of the moment, the sculpture was restructure to be able to distribute the weight evenly and not sacrifice form.

While working I kept on wondering how we could strengthen the the concept of the project and how the piece could have a better readability. How could we deliver the message across. The idea behind the project is how we are more than the struggles and difficulties that we go through; how we are more than what people perceive in the moment. The drawing, the sculpture is just an impression of what we see, of the people we are drawing. This drawings, as good as we could make them, could never come to say who this people really are, who this person is.

This sculpture represents the different layers that makes who we are, but most importantly who we think this person is. Perception. However, I had the idea that instead of posting more impressions of people on the back wall we could instead have statements of people saying who they are. Basically stating that there is more to them that meets the eye, that they are more than the struggles and difficulties that they are going through or they have had. This very small statement would say who they are, saying it to the world how amazing, How kind hearted they are. How much love is inside of them. That there is more to you that meets the eye.

However, I still needed to find a way to incorporate the drawings. On one of my breaks from working in the sculpture i came across a dumpster from a construction. I wonder what if i added broken pieces of rubble to the bottom of the piece, creating a sense that something has been broken and out of all that rubble still the wire (inner structure) is there. How this could be a strong symbol of shattering perceptions. And then I thought about adding the portraits to the rubble. All that beginning space that occupies the sculpture will symbolize perception. Then the back wall will have the statements in a very light shade of grey. This will force the viewer to actually get close and let this people tell them who they are.

What do you guys think?

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