On top of the basic principles established in my first post on this project, as a group we were really able to build on our concept and develop its execution. We noticed that there was an increasing prominence of the theme of connection; there was the link between the six of us in our cooperation as well as literally through the connection of yarn from each of our pieces, to the union of dissimilar elements (two-dimensional space versus three-dimensional, personal and public space, representational subject matter and abstract, tangible versus intangible…) We decided on the name “Inner-Twined” for our piece as a play on the word “intertwined” to reflect these connections. (And also because yarn is kind of like twine, and they’re both fibers. So inner-TWINED. Get it?…)IMG_0414

Inner-Twined in early development.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased not only with the end result, but how we all managed to work together well. I feel privileged to have had the chance to work on exhibit before I graduated and with people who were as enthusiastic (or even more so) about the project as I was. I also really liked how the experimental quality of the projects over the course of the class still allowed us all to work in ways that were signature to our style and how we want our work to look as professional artists.

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