Spring Break Progression

It’s interesting how my contribution to our group’s concept was emphasis on the environment before figures were introduced, and yet mine is almost solely focused on the figure. I went with the first juxtaposition that popped into my head when we were proposing what we wanted to create on the drafting film once our group was settled and haven’t deviated much from it (the original thumbnail was improvised on the chalkboard, then translated into the pencil thumbnail from last post). I think the execution–a figure that is obviously me perched in bed with a ghostly gaze and hand clasped over my mouth with a laptop in front of me–stems from that I have the tendency to get myself worked up without ever leaving the house. Social media platforms and certain blogs can be a source of stress for me, and yet they’re a habit of mine that’s hard to quit.


As much as I enjoy the end result, I can’t help but contemplate what it would have been like for me to do something more similar to my other group members’ more relaxed, dreamy portraits that featured things that made them happy. Then again, it probably would have been the exact same picture, only with a different expression, as I’d likely be playing a computer game (with my kitty cat sprawled out beside me and all).

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