Cardboard Project

This experiment was reminiscent of assignments from 3D Design but due to the open nature of this assignment I was able to create something a bit less traditional and explorative. I started by creating multiple different pieces that were sturdy three dimensional forms that I could piece together with glue. The materials I chose to use were beer, wine and coffee shipment boxes. A common feature on a lot of these is their preference to design amusing or eye catching marketing to decorate the cardboard box. This provided already colored pieces I could juxtapose with traditional brown cardboard. Some where along the way, as I began attaching different forms, the piece took on a moveable and interactive tone. The orientation shown in the pictures is the most sturdy but it can be manipulated and held to create other viewpoints or meanings. I think that cardboard can be used to create stunning or evocative works of art, however I don’t prefer it myself. I did enjoy using some for my collage, they work well creating a layered aesthetic.



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