Dreaming into Space (Progress 1)


The early goals and obstacles for our project were to build the pieces we would need to help create the specific space for our installation. We knew we would need something to block out the light from the gallery so our projections would be clearly visible. After acquiring the hollow core doors we connected them together with screws, tape and puddy. After sanding and painting we were able to hang it where it concealed a good deal of light. However we realized we may need more to block the open spaces beside the wall for a better shadow.

One of our main objectives from the start however was getting each group members panel cut. We had the wood and I took it to the wood shop and ripped it down to fit into the laser cutter. After that it was a matter of signing up for a chance to use the cutter. Fortunately for our group we had members who were familiar with laser cutting so we were able to get everyones pieces cut correctly and in time for installation. Each panel was supposed to be based on dreams or an amalgamation of specific dreams, mine however was influenced by the night sky and how I associate that with nocturnal dreams. I coupled that with the doodles I frequently do during class while day dreaming. The aesthetic I hoped would emulate a night sky but not a specific recreation of it, like how must dreams are a hodge-podge creation of what may be on our mind that day or week. I had chosen to do the top panel so this image would hopefully help the viewer step into a dream-like world that they could react to on all sides of the room. Unfortunately in the installation process some of the center line work is lost due to the way we mounted the box to the light. I think the piece still conveys its point however.


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