Dreaming into Space (Progress 2)


Once we had the space shrouded, the ceiling canvas stretched and the cube hung our main issue was which light bulb(s) would work best for our projections. Our first attempts were with a single bulb and we were finding that some were either not strong enough to project clearly or the bulb was too large and the projections were blurred and hard to make out. We knew a light source that was projected in a specific direction would create the clearest image. Hollis was able to find an ideal solution with a light fixture that could support multiple USB plugins. We plugged six manipulatable LED mini-spotlights into the fixture and then the challenge was how to project each side clearly without distorting the other panels too much. Jenny and Hollis proved to be quite adept at this stage in the process and since it was already night at this point the projections were quite clearly recognizable. The orientation they finally settled on worked well and allowed for the piece to really create the dream space we had hoped for. The difference in images also created a dynamic space since the amount of light being let out varied from where you stood and as the cube slowly turned. In the end I think it was successful and the last minute drapes were the final touch it needed to close of the space.

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