Progress 3(Final): Reflecting Dream

This week, as we were installing the work, we ran into a huge problem with the light bulb. We couldn’t get the perfect crisp shadows on the walls due to the incorrect wattage as well as the size of the bulb. The shadows appeared blurry and not focused. We thought part of it was because of the brightness in the room that is affecting the sharpness of the shadow.

So we went with the reading LED light with the USB adapter and project each light onto each panel so ended up using 6 lights in order to cover the entire cube. Yet the images on the walls were still not clear. However, we managed to install black curtains to block out the excess light from the gallery.

As far as how the concept goes, I think that we manage to communicate our ideas to the audience successfully. In order to install the cube, we glued ever side together except the bottom panel in case anything goes wrong which I think is a good call. We measure the distance from the wall out to the center of the space before we install the cube. The sheet on the ceiling was stretched tightly so when we project the image there won’t be any wrinkle or distraction.

On the reception day, we present the the cube by having slightly moved so the shadows could move around the entire space we create. The motion of the shadows reminded me of a child’s bedroom since the images are created to be dreamlike.




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